commercial real estate livorno

Commercial real estate for sale and rent in Livorno

Fulvio Buttari - Rental and commercial/industrial/craft property manager

Are you looking for a commercial, industrial or artisan property in Livorno in which to grow your business?

Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare is here to meet your needs!

Take a look at commercial funds for sale or rent in Livorno, and request a no-obligation consultation with our surveyor Fulvio Buttari, manager of leases and commercial, industrial and artisan properties.

Our proposals in and around Livorno

The Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare team will accompany you in buying, selling and renting your home, always guaranteeing a high quality service and completing the transaction in a short time and at the best possible price.

Choosing to sell your home in Livorno with Paolo Del Chicca Immobiliare means choosing a serious real estate agency specialised in dealing with any type of luxury property.

Contact us to find out more!

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