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  • Livorno, panorama
  • Livorno, il porticciolo
  • Campagna Toscana
  • Livorno, la Terrazza Mascagni
  • Pisa, Piazza del Duomo
  • Livorno, un moletto
  • Siena, Piazza del Campo
  • Livorno, la fortezza vecchia
  • Livorno, la Terrazza Mascagni di notte
  • Livorno la Vespucci nel porto
  • Livorno, il quartiere Venezia
  • Livorno vista dal mare
  • Livorno, i Casini di Ardenza



The owner of the data PAOLO DEL CHICCA IMMOBILIARE based in Livorno Via Montebello 34, according to Article 13 D. LGS. 196/03 informs the following:

personal data, personal and fiscal and economic data that will be required, necessary in accordance with contractual requirements and to fulfill legal and tax, as well as the management of economic and financial, will be processed and used by the owner and by the subjects, and in charge of its appointees, with methods and procedures which comply with the existing privacy laws and therefore such as to ensure their security and confidentiality.

The holder shall also inform you that your data, processed with the help of paper, computer and / or data transmission, will not be disclosed (or made aware of unspecified parties) but can be transmitted and processed, as well as to our customers interested the conclusion of business with you, even by our employees and managers and our external collaborators to the extent strictly necessary for the performance of the report. They may also be communicated to those who can access them due to provisions of the law, regulation or legislation, to who should access to accomplish tasks auxiliary to the relationship between us intervening (eg. Banks etc.) Or our consultants for unwinding of positions by these auditors in our organization; The data can be transferred abroad if they deem necessary linked to the relationship with you.

You can always learn, under Article 7 D. Lgs.196 / 03, with an informal request to the owner, the manager or a person in the response, what are your data and how it is with us used; you have the right to obtain updating, rectification or integration if you have interest and to request the cancellation, transformation or blocking if used in violation of the law; you can also oppose the processing of personal data relating to you as long as there are legitimate reasons.

In order to specify that the data controller is Paolo Del Chicca; instructed to reply is Mr. Andrea Giorgi .

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